Cricket in Australia

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Cricket in Australia
Cricket in Australia

The management of Cricket in Australia

Cricket Australia is the official body that represents the country in this sport.  Made up of members of six member associations they call themselves the custodians of the game in the country.  The basic job is to oversee all international cricket that is played by Australia, administer the local tournaments and all umpiring activity within the game in the country.

Cricket Australia is involved in the development of the game and has one of the strongest and best domestic structures that can and have regularly produced top quality players to represent the country at the international level.  It is of no wonder that good players in the country often find themselves left out due to intense competition and consistent performances by players chosen for the country...

Cricket Australia also looks after the players that contract to play for the country. As a professional player it is always important not be left out in without a job due to injuries and mishaps of any kind and the association makes sure that the players are well backed up by a strong financial structure to take care of their needs. 

They are managed by a team of 14 directors and 60 full time staff who are required to look into every aspect of the game and its improvement at all times. 

As it is the players who bring glory to the country Cricket Australia works closely with the Australian Cricketer’s Association to ensure that player confidence within the governing body is at its optimum best at all times.  This is one body that world should look up to as a model for better growth of the game and its players.